My name is Brian. I'm a copywriter in LA.
Some people call me Bert. People who can’t spell call me Brain.

I like sci-fi thrillers, pie, and not taking myself too seriously.
I dislike bad drivers, selfies, and people who still haven't figured out how to use self-checkout.

I’m also a twin. I didn’t choose the dizygotic life, it chose me.
However, I work with my Art Director twin brother, so I guess I can choose some aspects of it.

My story so far:
  • Licked coal as a baby
  • Acquired a peanut allergy
  • Drooled in front of my 2nd grade crush
  • Spent 14 more years of development in life's farm system
  • Removed a customer's fake leg
  • Got a copywriting internship in Pittsburgh
  • Didn't get a copywriting job in Pittsburgh
  • Creative Circus
  • Moved to Boston to write about cheeseburgers
  • Ate too many cheeseburgers
  • Vanquished scummy landlord in small claims court battle
  • Quit job to work with twin brother
  • Moved to LA
  • Got job to make videos for NBA, WNBA, Pepsi, etc.
  • To be continued...


Phone:   610-301-5422
Email:     briankeltz@gmail.com